The Middle East University for Science & Technology is the Private non-profit educational institution which provides People high quality education, which offered under graduated and post graduated levels.
MEUST was established by Dr. Said Dahir Anshur on10th November 2010 with prop up and encouragement of Somali intellectuals inside and outside the country to provide affordable higher learning opportunities in the fields of health, food, management, Engineering and technology sciences, agriculture and economics to promote the development of higher education, through high quality of educational process and innovation new faculties now the university is offered by a lot of faculties that exists the entire world..
The university will be offering opportunities to many unprivileged learners, who were previously unable to pay for higher education because the tuition of the university will be affordable. The university grants scholarships to many students who deserve and get highest marks in leaving secondary school examinations and other students who are financially unable to pay university fees.


  • MEUST equipped to the community place that is the suitable to learning for every student.
  • MEUST has successfully prepared practical instrument either health science sector such as teaching hospitals, demonstration room inside the university, laboratory practice hall and lab of computer science.


  • MEUST mode of education is two ways
  • Full time study that is from Saturday up to Wednesday that is concerned by the fresh students or accredited students
  • Part time study that is from Thursday to Friday that we are motivate the people those who are busy their own works
  • Distance learning program that those who are in remote area or busy can learn.